It stands for quality and reassurance to Australian consumers that its members are genuine Australian Manufacturers. The Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild (AMCTG) was established in 2011 and includes only Australian industry leaders of Camper Trailer Manufacturing. All AMCTG members are subjected to meeting engineering compliance to Australian Standards as well as confirming their complete manufacturing processes are conducted in Australia with the very best materials, which includes; chassis, body, suspension and canvas!

Like many industries in these modern times, the Australian Camper Trailer industry is constantly subjected to competition from cheaper imported countries. The AMCTG is not against imports or trying in any way to block imports – its sole purpose is to protect Australian consumers by offering a Guild to ensure they adhere to the same rules and regulations as those who manufacture in Australia do. Quite often an importer may claim to have Australian Made products simply because the tent and trailer are assembled here (but ultimately they are just imported from countries such as China, South Africa etc), or the trailer is bolted together in Australia (from parts made overseas). Imported components will generally be cheaper than Australian Made, but our members believe they are inferior in quality and performance due to the absence of quality control we must adhere to in Australia. AMCTG members also believe customers deserve to know the of Country of Origin of the camper trailers they are considering purchasing at the very least, which unfortunately is not forthcoming in some cases.

It is the hope of the AMCTG that this website provides you with confidence as you research and ultimately purchase your Camper Trailer. We feel you and/or your family deserve to enjoy your investment and be as worry-free from problems that have plagued and still plague many camper trailer owners who have not been fortunate enough to use the information contained within this website to their fullest advantage. We encourage you to talk with any of our members for more independent advice that would better suit your particular needs.


Like artisans and craftsmen of yesteryear who belonged to guilds and associations, we are a proud group of professionals who strongly believe in providing quality Australian-made goods and services to the Australian public.
All AMCTG members are strictly audited annually by a professional independent engineer to ensure the body, chassis, suspension and tent are Australian-made, and to ensure all products are fully compliant to the ever changing Australian Design Rules.


As is found all too often in too many industries there are those who find it easier to pass on half-truths or in the case of camper trailer manufacturing, they pass off their products as ‘Australian-made’ rather than simply informing the public their products are imported using imported materials and assembled under their supervision in their workshop.

Under Australian consumer law section 255(3): “a fundamental change in that country in form, appearance or nature such that the goods existing after the change are new and different goods from those existing before the change” before it can be labelled “Australian-Made”.

Another interesting fact to note is, imported trailers under 4.5 tonnes do not need to have their designs or products approved by the Federal Transport Department. They become legal once the importer has affixed a compliance plate to state the trailer conforms to Australian Design Rules. Inspection of these products has shown many do not meet those standards, leading to the increased number of customer complaints on internet forums and to our members.


Unfortunately, a number of imported camper trailers claim “100% Australian designed and built”, “Proudly Australian owned” or “Australian made and owned”, so it is not easy for you, the customer to determine the true country of origin.

All Australian made tents have a “care for canvas” label provided by the Australian canvas manufacturer sewn into the tent. Buying from a Guild member with this logo, is a guarantee of Australian manufacture. You may also ask the question; may I visit your factory to view your manufacturing process?




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