Australian Canvas is the best in the world

Australian Canvas is the best in the world – and yes, Canvas is still made in Australia.

Why is quality camper trailer canvas so important?

It is the professional opinion of all our members of AMCTG that the most important part of the Camper Trailer is the Tenting Canvas, and Australian Made Canvas is the only way to guarantee satisfaction.

Australian Made Canvas is manufactured to endure our harsh environmental conditions which are unique and no other country produces canvas to a similar quality level.

Australian Made Canvas is superior in all aspects and in particular to Weathering, Colour Fastness to UV, Resistance to UV Breakdown, Waterproofness, Mould and Mildew growth.

“Ripstop” Chinese camper trailer fabric fails Australian Standard

Here is a link to a typical story of people who chose the cheap imported option.

A quote from the story.
“We realize now that we didn’t even ‘get what we paid for’! After only 10 months of minimal use, the tent on our off road camper has literally fallen apart – 17 patches in the roof, roof support bows snapped off and speared through the ‘canvas’, stitching disintegrating, leaks everywhere…. and no warranty back up! Aside from the canvas issues, we have spent over $1600 fixing up the camper trailer and getting it to some sort of Off Road standard.”

Why is imported canvas bad?

Independent CSIRO lab testing confirms:
“Ripstop” Chinese camper trailer fabric fails Australian Standard.
The Australian Standard for canvas is being failed by imported “ripstop” fabric. The 14 ounce “ripstop” Chinese made fabric sample tested by the CSIRO is actually 11.18 ounce and dismally fails the Australian Standard AS3567-98.
The water penetration analysis is equally damning – finding the Chinese made canvas leaked water.

Here is a link to the article.

How can you make sure you are getting actual “Australian Made canvas” when some companies say “Australian Made” but are actually only “Assembled in Australia” from overseas made components?

1) Make sure your camper trailer manufacturer is a AMCTG Member. At least one company is so unscrupulous they display the guild logo all through their website but are not members – make sure you check on this official guild website. – manufacturers list

2) Make sure the canvas is from one of the guild canvas suppliers – they are listed on this page. They will have their logo on the camper trailer canvas itself. – suppliers list

Avoid a disaster – and insist on Australian Made quality canvas.


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