“Approx 10 months ago, we purchased an ‘XXXXX’ camper trailer which we were led to believe was Australian Made. The company claims “XXXXX designs and manufactures quality off-road camper trailers. We have been involved in manufacture for nearly 8 years, specialising in custom builds. You can be assured that your 4 X 4 camper trailer is of high quality and designed for tough Australian conditions”.

We did suspect that they were using the cheap Chinese ‘ripstop’ fabric instead of genuine Australian canvas but due to the price difference, decided that we would go for the cheapie anyway and if we only got 3-4 years use out of it, we could always replace the top with an Australian Made one down the track.

We realize now that we didn’t even ‘get what we paid for’! After only 10 months of minimal use, the tent on our off road camper has literally fallen apart – 17 patches in the roof, roof support bows snapped off and speared through the ‘canvas’, stitching disintegrating, leaks everywhere…. and no warranty back up! Aside from the canvas issues, we have spent over $1600 fixing up the camper trailer and getting it to some sort of Off Road standard.

Instead of buying a ‘bargain’, we now realise we have flushed good money down the toilet! After such a disappointment, we could be forgiven for giving up on camping altogether but we do really love it and decided to take our disastrous Chinese top to the tip & order a genuine Australian Made tent made from Australian Made 15 ounce Dynaproofed Canvas from Customline, made to order to suit the height of our off road trailer & with all the features we wanted. Obviously, this is what we should have done in the first place – hind sight is a wonderful thing!”

Paul & Janelle, Birkdale QLD

“Ripstop” Chinese camper trailer fabric fails Australian Standard