We found the Australian camper trailer on ebay on the camper trailer site and won the camper with the highest bid in March 2011. We thought it was a good buy as the ad stated it was 100% Australian built.

We arranged to pick up the camper from their Melbourne factory at the beginning of April 2011 to save on delivery costs.
On arrival we realised that in fact the campers were not 100% Australian built as advertised and also we were treated very rudely and we were not able to erect the camper there. We also ordered a 4 burner stove for the camper and it was not installed as per instructed but instead handed to us in a box. After some discussion they placed the stove into position with no securing devices and no gas connections.

After getting the camper trailer home to Wallerawang we erected the camper and waterproofed it as per the instructions. We packed the trailer away dry in readiness to go on holidays in 4 months time.

When I opened the camper van up at the beginning of August 2011 I was surprised to find the camper trailer was full of water and the canvas was all mouldy. After many phone calls to XXXXX and emails with attached photos we were instructed to take the camper to their Sydney factory where they would reseal the top of the camper with silicon where the water was leaking in. They also said they would look at the canvas.

When I returned to the factory to pick up the off road camper I noticed that the silicon repair job was a very shoddy and an unprofessional job. Also they had done nothing about the canvas. The manager of the factory said to take up any complaints with the Manager of XXXXX – which we did. We also noticed that the water was still leaking into the camper from the top seals.

When we contacted the Manager of XXXXX – Mr XXXXX – he was very rude and said he was not going to do any more for us and hung up the phone. When we informed Mr XXXXX that we were going to take it further he did not care.

We sought legal advise from our solicitor who advised us to apply to the CTTT. We had our first meeting with the CTTT on the 191h January 2012 where Mr XXXXX was arguing over jurisdiction and refused any mediation, we were advised to put another claim in regarding the jurisdiction as well as all the paper work pertaining to our case along with an independent engineers report.

We returned to the CTTT on the 18 April 2012 where Mr XXXXX again was arguing over jurisdiction.

On the 16 July we again attended a CTTT meeting where our case was heard and a decision made- in our favour.

Ebay Camper Trailer Legal Battle