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In 2011, the Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild (AMCTG) was formed to give consumers a reputable seal of approval for Australian made camper trailers.

Purchasing from a manufacturer or supplier with the AMCTG seal ensures the complete camper trailer meets Australian Standards and AMCTG’s Membership Standards. It also confirms that the complete manufacturing process is conducted in Australia including:

  • Chassis
  • Body
  • Suspension
  • Tent
  • Canvas

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The Influx of Sub-Standard Camper Trailer Imports

Some five to ten years ago, there was an influx of sub-standard camper trailers imported from foreign countries such as China, into the Australia market. These camper trailers were made to mimic the design and style of Australian campers, at a fraction of the price. The difference in price was made possible by foreign manufacturers using low-grade materials that are not up to Australian Standards.

The sudden influx also created an increase in complaints from consumers about the lack of quality in the Australian camper trailer industry. Forum after forum on Australian travel & camping were filled with stories of poor-quality foreign made camper trailers. This created distrust in consumers who believed they were purchasing a local Australian made product, but when delving deeper, came to the realisation this was not the case.

Then, the Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild was formed.

While many camper trailer businesses in Australia label their offerings as ‘Australian Made’ or ‘Manufactured in Australia’, it’s important customers look deeper into the product and business. One way to ensure your future camper trailer is completely Australian Made is to check for the AMCTG seal.


Common Imported Camper Trailer Faults

Some of the most common issues with imported camper trailers include:

  • Chassis failures
  • Wiring problems
  • The use of paint to cover up rust
  • Suspension failures
  • Rusting of stainless steel and chrome plating components
  • Incorrect vin plate information (especially weight specifications)

When purchasing a camper trailer, pay close attention and inspect every aspect of the camper trailer – especially those mentioned above.


Benefits of Purchasing Australian Made Camper Trailers

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There’s no denying that Australian made camper trailers are made for Australian conditions and withstand the test of time in our harsh environment. Local manufacturers take pride in their camper trailers offering and ensure that they are up to Australian Standards, using only premium-quality materials.

What consumers may not understand is that while cheap imports appear to cost less on the surface, they will end up costing far more over the life of the camper trailer – repairing ripped canvas, faulty steel and poor workmanship.

When purchasing a camper trailer from an AMCTG approved member, you can rest assured:

·         Camper Trailers are Made from Superior Australian Steel

Having Australian steel used in the manufacture of your new camper trailer allows for a robust frame which can handle even the most rugged terrains. Locally fabricated steelwork meet strict Australian standards – providing consumers with the peace of mind that their camper trailer will last for many years to come.

·         Using Robust Australian Canvas Fabrics

While there are few canvas manufacturers left in Australia, there is a substantial difference in quality between Australian and imported canvas. Tests carried out by CSIRO on imported 14 oz “ripstop” fabric concluded that the sample fabric was actually 11.18 ounce (rather than the 14 ounces the product is marketed at).

By engaging an AMCTG approved member, you will receive the quality of product that you’d expect, meeting Australian standards. Australian canvas is stronger and more robust than their foreign counterpart, meaning it will last longer – with improved resistance to fading and tear.

·         While Supporting Local Manufacturers

You’ll be supporting local Australian workers and businesses by purchasing your camper trailer from an AMCTG approved member. Being Australian, you’ll also receive a reliable camper trailer with great resale potential.

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If you would like additional information or advice on your new camper trailer, view our frequently asked questions or contact AMCTG directly.

For manufacturers and suppliers looking to become a member of the Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild, email Roger Fagan [email protected].