Melbourne skyscraper fire

London Fire: Melbourne skyscraper fire, caused by shoddy cladding, may have been a warning for London

A GOVERNMENT report said thousands of homes could have the cladding that burned so ferociously in London. But little seems to have been done about it.

Thousands of Australian buildings are at risk of huge London-style fires, according to a government report — but little appears to have been done about it for two years.

THE inferno that killed at least 12 people “is a more serious version” of a high-rise blaze that almost destroyed a Melbourne skyscraper, Senator Nick Xenophon said on Thursday morning.

A ferocious blaze in the Lacrosse Tower in 2014 was blamed on illegal imported decorative cladding.
It took just 15 minutes for a single burning cigarette left on the balcony of the Lacrosse building in Melbourne’s Docklands to send 13 floors of the block up in flames.

The fire used imported cladding from China, that failed to meet Australian standards, to creep up the side of the structure. Similar cladding has been blamed for a series of skyscraper fires and fatalities.

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