The GIC Outback Rover is a hard-floor camper at a budget price, but does it provide value for money?

With much anticipation about its latest offering, GIC Camper Trailers put up one of its Outback Rovers for evaluation. It’s a hard-floor, rear-fold model and GIC claims it can be set up in just 45 seconds with a hand winching system and a few slight adjustments to the interior bows.

Campers are subject to many incredible set-up claims. Nearly as many fall short and take an age to erect. The GIC Outback Rover is one that lives up to its claim – imagine having the main part of your camper-trailer set up in less than a minute with no pegs or ropes needed – not bad! Admittedly the awning and extra walls do take more time to set up, but are mostly easy to do once you’ve got the hang of it.

Set-up times aside, though, most of the trailer was a little disappointing. We found nuts missing on the shock absorbers, a bent and dented kitchen sink, misaligned lids on the front storage box, doors that didn’t close properly, rivets that had not been set properly, loose hardware, poor design features and poor workmanship.

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