Camper trailer review – Ripstop fabric

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“Approx 10 months ago, we purchased an ‘XXXXX’ camper trailer which we were led to believe was Australian Made. The company claims “XXXXX designs and manufactures quality off-road camper trailers. We have been involved in manufacture for nearly 8 years, specialising in custom builds. You can be assured that your 4 X [...]

Camper Trailer broken drawbar

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COPY OF EMAIL SENT TO THE AUSTRALIAN MANUFACTURED CAMPER TRAILER GUILD FROM MR JOHN REID ON 18TH OCTOBER 2011 -----Original Message----- From: John Reid Sent: Sunday, 16 October 2011 1:10 PM To: James Kelman Subject: Australian Manufactured Camper Trailers Guild Contact: Congratulations To: Admin From: John Reid Message: Thank you for highlighting [...]

Overseas Manufacturing “Reshoring”

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TWO years ago, Caliburll in Duluth, Minnesota, did what any other cash-strapped manufacturer looking to prune costs would do: turn to China. But the maker of game console cases is happily shifting its manufacturing operations back to the US, after discovering that doing business overseas can be more trouble than it is [...]

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