ball-weightThere is ample evidence that the ball weight on imported forward fold campers often far exceeds the maximum allowed of the towing vehicle and therefore is illegal to tow and voids insurance in the event of an accident.

Specifications on these campers neglect to state the ball weight and sales people often under state the ball weight.
The design of forward fold campers locates the axle near the rear of the trailer and with tool and fridge boxes, jerry can holders and gas bottle holders on the drawbar making the ball weight excessive particularly when loaded.

Reports from a number of very unhappy customers is that the actual ball weight when loaded is more than 250kg thus exceeding the allowed ball weight of the towing vehicle And refusing to refund the purchase price.

Warning on Breaking Chassis

Reports of suspension and chassis failures on imported campers are increasing.
This is not unexpected as experience from many former users of Chinese steel is that it can be brittle and fails under vibrations caused by outback conditions particularly corrugations. Australian steel is equal or better to the best in the World.

Investment in a Guild members product may cost more but consider it an investment for reliability, peace of mind and resale value.


The most important component of a camping trailer is the tent because if it leaks can ruin a holiday.
Tests carried out on a number of samples of Chinese can as by the CSIRO and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology show that the canvas is far short of Australian Standards.

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